The Church of the Holy Child

In many ways our victims were the same as the thousands of women who are killed yearly by husbands and boyfriends. They’d all contacted the shelter for help. Two of them had met with me for legal advice, but then again, so had lots of others who were still alive. They all had one child, but that didn’t necessarily seem relevant.

Ultimately, when we turned off the lights we’d resolved that there were countless similarities and they all pointed to one common denominator, abusive relationships. But there were also two facts that didn’t fit.

Partners kill out of passion. They don’t take souveniers, which could be said for the patches of hair missing on the left side of each woman’s head. And they don’t have the presence of mind or the foresight to cover their tracks by washing away their DNA. Those two facts could be considered a signature and pointed to the word everyone was avoiding… Serial. 

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